Dry River Pinot Noir | 2018


There is a light charred oak note present, easily confused with toasted almonds. ‚   Flowery scents like cherry blossom, violets and Christmas lilies are combined with plums, boysenberry and liquorice. ‚   Immediately the nose reveals this to be a serious wine; very coherent with rapidly expanding boundaries bringing aromatic volume.

The palate, too, has an escalating horizon and an inflating edge; it a ‚¬ „¢s simply delicious, with well-rounded tannins. ‚   Initially there is a juicy, plush elegance, with the tannins claiming a more authoritative and luxurious presence, showing off its class and flamboyance. ‚   The mid-palate brings the wine back to earth with a grounding acidity that reigns the wine in again without overpowering the fruit weight. ‚   It is just enough to bring life again to the floral and lighter fruit aromatics, to highlight the central core and to show the length and smooth finish on the back palate. ‚   This is a thought-provoking wine that occupies all spaces and has aroused our excitement tremendously.