Atlantis Albarino


Atlantis Albarino is a white wine from the D.O R ­as Baixas produced by the winery Maetierra. As it name suggests, this a monovarietal from the grape Albarino. The temperatures in the region are gentle. The abundance of rainfall, is however constant. Atlantis Albarino is located in the vineyards of Condado de Tea, very close to the river Mino. The soils are sandy with a granite base. The harvest is completed by hand with plastic containers. The grapes, once is the winery are presses and selected. After the production of the must, the alcoholic fermentation process begins in stainless steel containers at a controlled 18 ºC. Atlantis Albarino is then finally racked to separate the lees. Before being bottled, the wine is stabilised in the cold. Atlantis Albarino is a part of the Atlantis series produced by Vintae. The project, produces Atlantic wines from a very small selection of vineyards from different appellations of origins.