Leeuwin Est Art Chardonnay


Art Series is Leeuwin Estate's pinnacle Chardonnay with 2016 being the 40th vintage and a recent recipient of 99+/100 from long time West Australian wine critic Ray Jordan. Ray might have gone to 100/100, only he subscribes to the Huon Hooke philosophy there are no perfect wines. However, every now and then a wine comes along that screams perfection and is impossible to fault. this 2016 is that wine, but is yet to show its finest traits. I've enjoyed Art Series Chardonnay at 15-years of age, and it tasted like it might go another 15-years in the cellar. Aged vines, possibly the world's most consistent climate, uncompromising viticulture and winemaking. this is a complete personification of the best of new and old world winemaking. The Art for this 2016 was by Kim Maple and titled "Influence". Kim must be over the moon his work of art is the face for a Chardonnay work of art, that someone will likely bestow a perfect score on. Perfectly balanced in its youth you could open it tonight. but I recommend buying a few bottles of this hedonistic Chardonnay to savour over the next 10-30 years if well stored.