Krug Grand Cuvee 750ml


Truly a King of Champagnes! Perhaps the greatest name in Champagne, producing big rich wines that can live for many years in bottle, although here at Libation HQ it rarely does! One of the supremely great champagnes, the non vintage Grande Cuvee is probably the most consistent wine from the region. There is no formula or recipe for Krug Grande Cuvee. Each year the Krug family meets to recreate "their" Grande Cuvee. This is done with careful attention to the most minute detail, so that six years later it is in perfect continuity with the previous Krug Grande Cuvee. Majestically sublime! A wonderful creamy bouquet leads to a magical combination of richness and balance on the palate. The long lingering finish is both nutty and toasty, always ending with a final flourish of freshness, leaving one longing for more! Champagne Grape Blend; 25-35% Chardonnay, 45-55% Pinot Noir, 15-20% Pinot Meunier Features; A real mosaic of flavours , Krug Grande Cuvee is a blend of 40 to 50 wines, 20 to 25 crus and 6 to 10 different years. The "Krug Grande Cuvee is as a symphony, a composition where the instruments all play together, complementing each other in total harmony", says wine-maker Henri Krug.<\p>