Akitu Black Label A1


Moderate intensity ruby to the edge with a purplish hue giving density.

Lifted spice and aromatic wild herbs infused through brambly fruit. The wholebunch a complexity is quite powerful but the integration with the primary fruit that will follow has commenced ‚  beautifully. Depth, intensity and an alluring hint of ‚  anise and licorice add dimension and intrigue to the aromatic profile. After an hour in the glass or decanter the layers of florals, particularly ‚  dark rose petal, unfurl.

Plush and gracious with very fine velvety tannins wrapped in abundant rich cherry ‚  and plum fruit. Silky with a weighty mid-palate from where the spice and subtle. graphite build to leave a ‚  savoury exit with a theatrical sparkle of fruit. Great ‚  composure and polish balanced on broad shoulders.