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We are a liquor emporium that specialises in the fine wines, craft beers and a select range of spirits. 
We strongly believe in supporting local wine produces and showcasing the renowned Marlborough Wine Region. 
As well as offering a vast range of European wines, and Australasian wines, many of which we import exclusively. 
Offering the experienced and novice wine lover a chance to broaden their palate.
From everyday enjoyment through to the rare and admired we offer the best range, value and quality for your money.

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Amore e Follia 2016


Very deep red with purple shadows, a large bouquet of black fruits, forest floor, pine wood with a hint of white rose and jasmine. Distinctive texture of well-bound tannins paired with a great minerality, a slight bitterness develops as after-taste.

Kraken Rum | 700ml


Rum Original. Infused with the darkness of the depths. Blended with Secret Spices,. Made from a unique caribbean black spiced rum. STRONG, RICH, & SMOOTH, ITS HUE MIRRORS THE MYSTERIOUS INK OF THE HEINOUS SEA BEAST

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