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La Fleur D'Amelie - Bordeux Superior 2013

A ripe and lush Merlot with an intensity of fine juicy fruit flavours of blackcurrent and raspberries.

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Te Pa Sauvignon Blanc - 2016

exuding notes of gooseberry, grape fruit and lime. The palate is a trove of concentrated flavours unique to our regional style. A true Benchmark. 

Only $22.99

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Caol Ila
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Wonderfully concentrated and clean nose, with a sweet maltiness up front on the palate, then followed by peat smoke, cinnamon and
Wino's Price $146.99
Quinta Ruban 12YO
Mint chocolate and walnuts envelope the palate like velvet, laying the foundations for rose, Turkish delight and sweet Seville oranges
Wino's Price $94.99
The Original Highlands 10 Year Old
Still the biggest selling whisky in Scotland. The get their used casks from Jack Daniels.Creamy, leafy with hints of spice and ginger.
Wino's Price $79.99
The most medicinal of all malts. It is a representation of the iondine-like seaweed character of Islay. Love it or hate it.
Wino's Price $119.99
Famous for its peaty characteristic with a dry finish, an unmistakable classic from McClellands.
Wino's Price $59.99
The Speyside malts are sweet and fruity; sometimes delicate, sometimes rich and robust.. always complex
Wino's Price $59.99
Highland malts capture the true essence of of Scotland; the moorlands, heather and fresh pine forest. rounded firm and fruity.
Wino's Price $59.99
Highlands 14 Year Old
Aged in Montillo fino casks, helps make Oban one of the more restrained malts. Aromatic, smooth and delicate.
Wino's Price $165.99
Oban Little Bay
Single Malt Scotch
Little Bay's warming richness is balanced by a smoky-spicy dryness
Wino's Price $189.99
Talisker has a distinctively peppery character. Explodes on the palate is another description. Pungent, very peppery, huge and lon
Wino's Price $125.99
The Arran Malt
Cask Whisky Arran
First produced 1995 The Arran produces a creamy spirit with faint touches of Island character. A touch of flowery on the finish.
Wino's Price $112.99
The Glenlivet
Speyside 12 Year Old
Due to it's climate Glenlivet elegant stlye of whisky, with subtle flowery, and peachy characters.
Wino's Price $84.99
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